Dominate the 18 Soccer and Goalkeeper Training! 

Dominate the 18 Goalkeeper and Soccer Training is your one-stop Soccer and Goalkeeping Destination for Soccer in the Lehigh Valley Area and beyond, delivering on all of your Soccer and  Goalkeeping Training needs. From specific training for positions, team training, Goalkeeping Camps, club training, Virtual Sessions, Free Individual Training Videos, and more, there is no place better to help you be the best Outfield player or Goalkeeper you can be. 

Serving in the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania), Poconos,  Southern New Jersey, and all surrounding areas.  

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Get the hottest and best DOMINATE the 18 Gear to represent who you are both on and off the pitch. DOMINATE in all you do! 

DOMINATE the 18 Goalkeeper and Soccer Training is the Lehigh's Valleys One-Stop Professional Soccer Training Company in the Lehigh Valley and beyond!  

Your players deserve training in a player-centered environment from coaches that have been there before on the pitch at some of the highest levels of soccer and that have high-level experience providing excellent player-centered direction, guidance, and support. 

Technical Training, Speed and Agility Training, Tactical Team or Small Group Training, Coaching Education, Specific Positional Training for Strikers, Midfielders, Defenders, and Goalkeepers!    

WE ARE your Soccer Training Source for Eastern Pennsylvania! 

Ball Mastery, Field Vision Training, First-Touch, Goalie training, Soccer Goalie, Technical Training

Get your children professional training to help them DOMINATE on the field!  

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Dominate the 18 is part of the United Goalkeeping Alliance.  UGA is a collaboration of the best Goalkeeping and Soccer Coaches across the US and Internationally, and provides excellent an Virtual Educational Platform for Goalkeeping Education and networking opportunities to Goalkeepers of all ages and levels.  To find out how your youth Goalkeeper can join, please email us at

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