Bethany Hall

Coach and Trainer at Dominate the 18 Goalkeeper and Soccer Training 

Bethany Hall 



- ENCO Academy Coach since Age 15

- Coach for the 2012 ENCO Boys Team

- DOMINATE the 18 Coach and Trainer for the past 2 years 

Director Bob Pipech on Coach Bethany Hall:  

I firmly believe female coaches are sometimes undervalued in our country. Coach Bethany is an example of an amazing coach who deserves a ton of credit, praise, and recognition, even though she would never want that. Bethany's extensive knowledge of the game, pedigree growing up with the game, and love for the game are evident every time she steps on the field. She is outstanding in communicating with players in a simple, direct, yet assuring tone that helps them learn proper skills, decision making, and grow in all areas of the game of soccer.