As a Goalkeeper, appropriate self-reflection is an important part of improving as a Goalkeeper each day.  In addition, sometimes players have questions or concerns outside of the practice or game field.  Many parents may feel a bit overwhelmed based on their individual soccer knowledge and background. This is where the Dominate the 18 Goalkeeper Training mentoring program comes in.   

While training on the pitch is very important, there are many aspects of proper development.  These are: 

Technical, Tactical, Social, Psychological, and Physical

Many coaches and teams focus on Technical, sometimes Tactical (depending on the level of team and coaches), and Physical. 

Good coaches develop an excellent team culture which helps to promote social development, but what about for the individual player, and especially the goalkeeper? 

This is where Dominate the 18 Goalkeeper and Soccer Training comes in.  For just $24.99 a month, or $135 for 6 months,  we will pair you with one of our professional coaches with high-level playing or coaching experience.  This will include: 

Payment Options (select 1 month or 6 months from the drop down menu): 

As part of the mentoring program, if you email Coach Pipech or any member of the Dominate the 18 Goalkeeper and Soccer Training staff with a question or concern, we will get back to you no later than 48 hours.  In addition, interactive discussions will be held once per month to go over specific focus topics, but more importantly, to answer ANY questions the Goalkeeper may have.   

20-day money-back guarantee!   Sign up today to take your game to new heights and help get your goalkeeper the mentorship from highly trained coaches and staff to give them the knowledge, expertise, and confidence to DOMINATE the 18!   

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